We are constantly striving to be more like Christ.  He is our Mentor, Guide, and Leader.  Below are a few humble examples of how we are trying to reach others for Christ.

  • Prison Ministry

    Several prisoners have been baptized due to our Bible studies taking place in the prison. We are also doing mail correspondence Bible studies with other prisoners outside of Muskegon. If interested in this ministry you may contact or Nancy at church.

  • Community Service

    Karlie's Closet is open to FREE Children's Clothing to help in our Community.  Karlie's Closet is expanding. If interested in donating or have questions call Wanda @ 231-788-1660. The clothing is being given away free to children in need. We are now doing blood pressures once a month on Monday at Karlie's Closet from 2-6pm.

    We also do Quilting to give out warm blankets for those in need. 


  • Personal Ministry

    Due to Covid, we are temporarily unable to participate with these activities. We are actively going through Bible Studies with others. One Saturday a month we go to Christian Care Assist Living and do singing, poems, Bible reading, stories, and prayer. Outreach Sabbath is the first Sabbath of every month.  For Outreach we will be passing out literature, Door to Door, Visiting shut ins, Visiting the sick, etc.   Also, each department is working on ways they can reach out to the community.  Look below to see what the Sabbath School department is doing.

  • Sabbath School

    The adult Sabbath School classes are going to be giving out Thanksgiving baskets in November to 5 families in need.  Each month will have a particular item to be collected.  If you want to donate money instead then it can be given in a tithe envelope just write in Thanksgiving Baskets and mark it.  The Treasurer will disperse the monetary donation.